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I Want To Be Pregnant: Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant

I Want To Be Pregnant: Best Time Of The Month To Get Pregnant If you want to have a family and get pregnant, you should know some of the tips that will make it happen that much faster for you. By following these, you will increase your fertility and conceive faster. Having a health check up is the first thing that you should do. This will rule out any illnesses or infections that could either reduce your fertility or harm the tiny life growing inside you. In addition, you should begin to take a pregnancy vitamin with folic acid in it to prevent birth defects and your partner can take a zinc tablets to increase sperm count and motility. What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility? To learn the killer, advanced strategies to naturally get pregnant at almost any age within 8 weeks, simply Click Here If you smoke or use drugs, you should stop right away, do not wait until you find out you are pregnant. Cutting out alcohol and caffeine is another important step in order to increase fertility and protect your baby’s health. If you take medication you should discuss this with your doctor to ensure it is safe during pregnancy. You should not just have sex when you are ovulating. Having sex at least three times a week will increase your chances of conceiving. In the week leading up to ovulation you should be particularly active since sperm is able to survive in the uterus for up to five days. Try hard to keep the romance alive too rather than making it a clinical process. Relying on the calendar to tell you when you are ovulating and planning sex around it limits your chances of conceiving. Although women are often most fertile around day 14 of their cycle, each female has a different physiology and not all operate on a cycle of 28 days. You can often recognize when you are at your most fertile by taking note of changes to your vaginal discharge. When it is smoother and more slippery you are more likely to conceive as this allows the sperm to travel more easily. I Got Pregnant At Age 43 – Reverse And Eliminate Infertility Safe & Natural With Fast Results When you and your partner are enjoying sex more, you are more likely to fall pregnant. When a female has an orgasm the muscles inside the vagina tighten and this pulls more sperm up into the uterus to hopefully meet the ovum. When the male has a more powerful orgasm, they ejaculate more powerfully and this gets more sperm into the uterus and heightens the chances of conception. Using sex positions where the vagina is angled upwards rather than downwards helps gravity to assist with conceiving. Positions such as where the woman is on top are less likely to result in a pregnancy than other positions such as missionary. When trying to get pregnant follow the above tips and try to let nature do its thing. If you become anxious and stressed about it, you can just about guarantee that you will not conceive. Stress is one of the things that really affects your fertility levels, so going with the flow and keeping things romantic will help. Most couples will conceive within six months of trying, but if it doesn’t happen in that time you can go to your physician for further advice about what to do. Pay Close Attention Here- Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you’ll discover 1 unusual tip to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally in 60 days – guaranteed! There is a set of easy to follow proven methods which will effectively reverse infertility, powerful methods you can use immediately, and dramatically to increase your chances of falling pregnant. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it’s too late and time runs out- Click Here There appears to be some divine irrationality in the way that women get pregnant. Those who are raped, or already have large families, or are too poor to provide for an extra mouth, fall pregnant easily. Up on the hill a happily married couple with ample means will gaze with wistful envy as they remain childless. But we human beings dominate the planet because we have the will to get what we want. If there is a way we will find it. Fertility clinics come up with extraordinary achievements, couples create happy families by adopting the children of less affluent parents. People find ways. Some lucky women fall pregnant when they wish for it. They are relaxed about it and so do not get into knots and unnecessary worries. These are sure fire ways to stop what is wished for. If month after month the depressing signal is delivered that the wished for pregnancy has not happened, increased tension reduces the likelihood of conception. The more formal and calculated natural sex is, the more likely will become the need for artificial insemination. Romance is one way to improve that chances of falling pregnant. If both partners enjoy sex for its own sake, and enjoy doing it often they will obviously improve their chances. But if they worry and calculate too much they may well frustrate themselves. Subtle variations in sexual behaviour can be helpful, but they should never be too planned, because spontaneity is also important. Ex Infertility Sufferer Reveals Secret System For Getting Pregnant Fast Gentle manipulation of bodies can improve matters. She should feed her partner him vitamins to improve his sperm count. Mutual orgasms produce more fluids that can help the eggs and sperm float together. After orgasm a woman can keep her body still for a while, enjoying the afterglow, and the feeling of possible conception. Her emotional stability might improve her chances of conception, but even if it doesn’t succeed, the experience of sex will be better. Body positions are important because some promote conception, and others don’t. If the girl is on top, and then rushes off to take a shower she will obviously create conditions for sperm to escape. If she lies quietly with her knees up and a smile on her face, caressing her partner she will invite further sexual activity a bit later, and that too will help. Conception is encouraged by deep penetration. This will help deposit the sperm as close as possible to the cervix where an egg may be loitering. Mutual orgasm will probably assist the egg and sperm coming together in a mingling of body fluids. The miracle of life begins with mutual pleasure. The missionary positions attracts many post modern sneers, but it sis well suited to conception because it allows deep penetration, and gravity helps the sperm on their way. Rear entry or side-by-side are both helpful and should be followed by a relaxed rolling over and tilting of the hips to keep the sperm flowing the right way. Hopefully these simple measures will help a girl get pregnant and obviate expensive and painful alternatives. I know exactly how you feel as it happened to me. I was told by 3 different fertility specialists that I was in early menopause, had no eggs left and that my only chance of having a baby was to use a donor egg or adopt. Against the odds, I fell pregnant naturally with a healthy baby boy at the age of 40. You can fall pregnant too! Dont give up you are not alone! Click Here to learn the exact steps I took to get pregnant. Learn the step by step pregnancy success system jam-packed with a valuable information on how to naturally and permanently eliminate all infertility issues from the ROOT and give birth to healthy children – Click Here I’m asked this question quite a bit and I find that the people who are asking are sometimes looking for me to give them a very precise date or day. In other words, I think that they’d like for me to say something like ‘you should try to conceive a son on Wednesday, the nineteenth at 6:00 am in the morning.’ Unfortunately, I can’t give them this type of precision without more information. But they usually can obtain everything that they need to pinpoint a very precise time line on their own if they’re willing to dig a little deeper. I will discuss this more in the following article. Finding The Best Day And Time To Have Intercourse And Conceive A Boy Baby: Usually, the best day for a boy conception is going to depend on your being able to intersect your ovulation time period with the time in which you are able to get your PH and acidity to where it needs to be. In order to have the best results and to get the gender that you want, both of these things need to happen at the same time. Of course, getting one of these things correct will always help your odds. But, leaving one variable to chance is not going to be in your best interest, especially when it’s not all that difficult to address both things in one month. Why settle for only improved odds when you can really maximize your odds? Don’t fall short if you don’t have to. Many people tell me that they are intimated by this process. There really is no need for this. With just a bit of timing and the right tools, this really is not all that difficult. In terms of ovulation, you want to aim for the day of ovulation or for the day after this happens. The reason for this is that this timing aids that short lived Y or male producing sperm. If you try earlier than this, you run the risk of many or most of the Y’s being deteriorated, weakened, or having already died off. It’s very important for you to know when the egg is released. Guessing isn’t best. And in my opinion, using temperature or cervical mucus requires at least some guess work. I’d rather directly test bodily fluids for better accuracy, which is why I recommend ovulation predictors. I like saliva, but urine can be effective also. Discover How To Reverse Infertility Even If You’re in Your Late 40’s Just getting your timing down is leaving a bit much to chance, Many women will also want to make sure that their body and reproductive tract is alkaline rather than acidic. I’ve alluded to the fact that the boy producing sperm are more vulnerable to time. They are also more vulnerable to their environment. This means they don’t do well in acid and will fare much better when they are met with alkaline surroundings rather than acidic ones. So, to have the best chance of success, you want to set it up so that you are alkaline as ovulation approaches. How do you know if this is happening correctly? You use PH testers and you change or tweak your diet and / or use different douching methods to make sure that this is the case. You can also continue to test regularly to make sure that all of the variables are correct at the right time. The saliva predictors are good to give you a bit or a warning that ovulation is approaching so that you can pay careful attention to your PH at that time. Hopefully, you’ve been testing though out the month and you know which foods or douche recipes give you the best results the most quickly. As you can hopefully see, there’s no set day or time when this is going to happen. Now, some women are pretty regular and will get this window at around the same time every month. But some women have some variations in their cycle. For some women, the optimal day might be a Tuesday on the early part of the month. And those same women might have their optimal day on a Sunday mid month the next time. That’s why testing regularly can be so important. Some women have shorter or longer cycles than others. Some months will have a little variation. It always pays to be sure and to not guess or to leave everything to chance if you’re really serious about conceiving a boy. Precision really is very important and this is easier to accomplish than many people think, at least in my experience. STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF! LEARN THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT PREGNANCY, DRUGS AND SURGERIES… To get the FACTS on exactly how to get pregnant 100% naturally and give birth to healthy children without spending your hard-earned money on drugs and over the counters – Click Here Don’t even THINK about buying any pregnancy or infertility product, drugs or going on a gimmick pregnancy program until you read this revealing, no-holds barred holistic getting pregnant book… Click here to read the book. I recently received an email from a woman who had been trying to get pregnant. She had been taking her basal body temperature (BBM) and had determined that she had ovulated the day before she wrote me. However, her husband had been out of town and she had determined that they had arrived home and tried to conceive approximately 8 hours (by her calculations) after she had ovulated. She wanted to know if they had waited to long to become pregnant or if it was possible to conceive some hours after ovulation. I will tell you what I told her in the following article. The Lifespan Of The Egg And The Sperm: Most people know that there is a certain time in the month when a woman’s egg is released when she is the most fertile. This is known as ovulation. However, both the sperm and egg have life spans that should be considered. The egg begins weakening after about 1/2 per day but can survive for around 2 days. On the other hand, the father – to – be’s sperm can survive for slightly longer than the egg or for around three days. So, knowing this, let’s look at this woman’s scenario. Let’s say that her temperature charting was dead right. (I am not all that confident in this however, which I will discuss more below.) Her egg could possibly remain viable for 48 hours instead of mere hours and she had even more time to play with in terms of her husband’s sperm. Assuming that she was right in her calculations, she most definitely could have become pregnant on the day that her husband returned home. As a matter of fact, I often tell women who want boy babies to consider having intercourse on the day of or the day following ovulation. The reason for this is that the Y sperm chromosomes (or those that give you sons) survive for a much shorter period of time than those that give you a daughter (other wise known as the X.) The X’s live for quite a bit longer than the Y’s. So if you have intercourse early in the ovulation cycle, the sperm is more likely to be met with X’s. However, if you wait until ovulation has occurred, you give the egg more exposure to the Y’s. I Got Pregnant At Age 43 – Reverse And Eliminate Infertility Safe & Natural With Fast Results Now, the optimal timing for a boy is having intercourse on the day of ovulation. But, since the egg can live for up to 48 hours and the sperm can hang in there for even longer than that, having sex on the day following ovulation can most certainly result in pregnancy, although it’s slightly more likely to give you a son than a daughter. If your baby’s gender is important to you, then you can most definitely use this timing to your advantage. But, timing is not the only consideration here. If you want to chose your baby’s gender you’ll also want to look at your PH and the sexual positions that you use. If you don’t care about gender and are merely wanting to get pregnant as quickly as possible, then timing is going to be your most important variable. In either case, I don’t feel that taking your temperature to determine your ovulation day is the best way to go. There are so many places where this can go wrong. There are many reasons why your temperature may rise or fall or even fluctuate. In my view, you’ll likely have better results if you use a reliable ovulation predictor. Some are better than others but even the higher end models are rarely over $30 and this cost can be very worth it if it helps you to get the results that you want and to be right in your calculations. Amazing all-natural pregnancy breakthrough permanently eliminates infertility issues without drugs or surgery. Stop wasting money on pills, potions, and other worthless quick fix cures&hellip, Learn the truth about getting pregnant once and for all and finally be the proud mother you deserve: Click Here Discover How To Get Pregnant Naturally…Even If Everything Else You Tried had Failed…Without Drugs, Without Surgery, and Without Nasty Side Effects Click Here! Author’s Bio: Now you can reverse infertility and finally get pregnant completely naturally even if you’re over 40 in under 60 days! Visit Ancient Chinese Strategies To Get Pregnant There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do to get pregnant almost at any age, even if youve tried everything and nothing has ever worked for you before… Visit Pregnancy Miracle to find out more. Trying to get Pregnant can be frustrating. Discuss your pregnncy problems on our forum. We can help you achieve your goals! Go to: Pregnancy Forum ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] }, }, var unit = {‘calltype’:’async[2]’,’publisher’:’selfgrowth’,’width’:300,’height’:250,’sid’:’Chitika Default’}, var placement_id = window.CHITIKA.units.length, window.CHITIKA.units.push(unit), }()),


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